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When I played…Deus Ex

Our weekly series continues, as I take a look back at some of the games I played during the site’s first few years. If you’ve missed any of the previous pieces, go here for the first, or find them all here. Hopefully if you’ve read this far you’ve enjoyed these articles. Part four is about […]

If you want to even out the social order, you have to change the nature of power itself

Hi there. I’m trying to keep to a more regular update schedule this year, so here’s the rather great Deus Ex: Invisible War. As mentioned in the review don’t worry about a flood of mid-2000s games – we’re just easing into 2004 with a review of a sequel to a classic. I’ll go play something […]

If God did not exist

(bit different to our usual posts, cribbed from my livejournal) Deus Ex spoiler alert So imagine a dystopian cyberpunk-ish near future. There’s terrorism, disease and rioting in the streets. An ever growing gap between the lives of the rich in their shiny safe towers and the struggling poor, living in fear. Shadowy conspiracy groups pull […]