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And I get on my knees and pray

Hi there! It’s been a while, but we’ve got a new review for you this evening. Check out CSI: 3 Dimensions of Murder. We’re going to work on something special now. Maybe not for next time, but over the coming weeks and months, there should be some good stuff coming. Stay tuned.

Evidence, back on the case I’m hyped up

Good evening. Double update tonight. First, Stoo takes a look at 90s console RPG Shining Force – which recently arrived on PC via Steam. [Archive note: this later moved to JGR] Our second review is of something a bit more recent – the TV tie-in CSI: Crime Scene Investigation: Dark Motives. Hope you enjoy them. […]

Concentrate on what cannot lie…

Howdy. Been a little while since I was last here, so it’s high time I came up with some new content. It’s strange what can jump to the front of your gaming queue sometimes – but anyway, here’s a review of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

Quit messing around, Rik

Despite never having watched the TV show, or displaying any kind of predeliction for poking around with dead bodies, I’ve recently found myself playing CSI: Deadly Intent – The Hidden Cases on the DS. In the game, you play through four cases as a rookie CSI, joined by famous faces from the show (none of […]