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Zug-Zug! – a quick Warcraft summary

I’d say that Warcraft is one of the most important series of games on PC, up there with Ultima, Civilization, Wing Commander and Leisure Suit Larry (just kidding). It’s particularly noteworthy since it’s been active, in one form or another, since 1994. Warcraft started as an early realtime strategy, taking ideas from Dune 2 and […]

Have you come to serve the horde?

Last year I discussed nostalgia servers on world of warcraft. These allow people to revisit the game in its original state, before over a decade’s worth of updates and expansions were applied. For a few years now unofficial nostalgia servers have been popping up, and sometimes getting shut down by Blizzard lawyers. Now however it […]

construct additional pylons

If I were to pick my favourite realtime strategy game of the 90s than Homeworld wins by quite a wide margin, but Starcraft is up there in the top few. So I’ve been reading up on the remastered edition, due out on August 14th. I think the aspect of Starcraft that particularly appeased was its […]

classics on Battle.net

I was vaguely interested in giving Diablo 3 a try, but Blizzard are still asking £45 for it. These action RPGs are something I approach pretty casually – I’m not going to play solidly for weeks finding the optimum DPS builds for different classes, I’m just happy to charge through the game once or twice […]