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Eight out of ten

Eurogamer recently announced that it was dropping review scores – pointing to, among other things, the increasingly fluid nature of development, the problems associated with using a single numerical score to summarise a series of words (and the ensuing arguments about that score), and the nefarious influence of review-aggregating sites like Metacritic on game development […]

8-bit memories: Footballer of the Year

It’s funny when a game from yesteryear pops into your head for seemingly no reason. Well, I say no reason, but actually there was one: I was reading about a game called New Star Soccer, the point of which is to guide a single player from his humble roots as a 16 year-old trainee to […]

I sent them a message

Last night, on ITV4 (at an hour when I should have gone to bed, but was willing to watch anything to avoid doing so) I caught a few minutes of the ridiculous Michael Winner/Charles Bronson vigilante-fest, Death Wish 3. Which reminded me that there was an Amstrad CPC game (also on other 8-bit systems, I […]

My 8-bit is better than yours

First up – (genuine) new content is coming very soon. In the meantime… Back in the mid-eighties, the big argument among computer-owning kids was whether the Sinclair Spectrum or the Commodore 64 was ‘the best’ machine to own. Frankly, I always found this a little bit baffling – Speccy games only ever seemed to feature […]