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The Euros: A Brief History

It’s the Euros! The final! And England are in it! As usual, the real football created a hankering for some virtual football, and so, in time-honoured tradition, I dug out whatever modern-ish football games I bought last time there was a tournament on and failed terribly at them. I’m not sure when exactly I went […]

Discussion: Virginia (spoilers!)

Welcome again to Discussion: [indie game] (spoilers!), our semi-regular, plot-spoiler filled adventure into the world of comparatively modern indie gaming. Today’s game is Virginia, a 2016 release from 505 Games, which sees you in the role of Anne Tarver, a fresh graduate from the FBI academy, partnering up with a more seasoned agent, Maria Halperin, […]

Inside The Big Cardboard Box: More Budget Labels

Inside The Big Cardboard Box is where we delve into the history of the largely defunct world of boxed PC games, with a particular emphasis on all the ones I used to own, but later gave away or sold. So, after a brief detour into the world of compilations, we’re back again finding more budget […]

PC Zone Lives!

“PC Zone’s Alive!?” Yes, it is, and it’s with that exclamation from Brian Blessed, grabbed from the Zone archives and neatly repurposed as part of the introductory jingle, that the greatest PC magazine of the 1990s returns, this time in podcast form. It’s all down to the sterling efforts of ex-Deputy Editor Richie Shoemaker (occasionally […]

Review: TOCA Touring Car Championship / Race Driver: GRID

Hi there. We have another anniversary double-bill for you today. First, there’s a retrospective look at TOCA Touring Car Championship, released in 1997 and first covered here in 2004. Followed by a review of the comparatively modern Race Driver: GRID from 2008. We try not to over-promise here, but there are tentative-to-firm plans for more […]

Review: Lost: Via Domus

Hello! Are we almost at the end? Let’s hope so. I’ll buy you a beer, when it’s all over. Anyway, one of the things I did to pass my time in recent months was to watch a TV show about characters being cut off from society, friends and family and forced by a dangerous present […]

Review: Mass Effect 2

Hi there. Hope you’re doing well. In an uncharacteristically logical move, today’s review is of a sequel to another game that we covered recently. Yes, that’s right – we’re reviewing games from a series in order, and without a delay of several years between write-ups. It’ll never last. (Also I think this marks the first […]

Vault of Regret: Formula One

The Vault of Regret is a very large place, which houses dusty old game CDs and boxes, untouched digital libraries, and the metaphysical concepts of remorse and embarrassment. Here we write about all the games we should have played but haven’t, or that we have played but didn’t enjoy, among other things. Declaring an interest […]

Discussion: What Remains of Edith Finch (spoilers!)

Hello and welcome to Discussion: [indie game] (spoilers!), in which we venture into more modern territory by choosing a comparatively recent indie game and discussing it. With, er, spoilers. Today’s game is What Remains of Edith Finch, a 2017 adventure game from developers Giant Sparrow, in which the eponymous Edith returns to her now-abandoned childhood […]

Review: Sin / Sin Episodes: Emergence

Hello! This site is now as old as we were when we started it. While we go have a lie down and think about that for a while, here’s the first bit of 20th anniversary content for you. The idea is we head back to revisit some of the games covered in our oldest write-ups, […]