Hello everyone and welcome to the third incarnation of A Force For Good. That is, the site where Rik and I write about old PC games.

The previous version was based on a basic scratch-built CMS I wrote eight years ago, and was rather in need of modernising. Unfortunately, that was going to take a lot of time and effort for someone with my “php for dummies” level of understanding. So, we decided to shift the whole thing over to WordPress.

This allows us to easily bring about a few major changes. For one, the blogging and game-review aspects to the site are much better integrated whereas previously we basically had two sites in parallel. Also, it’s now possible to comment on reviews. A feature that could turn out to be a bad idea, but we’ll see!

Now, I’m hoping that the revamp prompts us to update more regularly, but I’m not promising a torrent of content or weekly reviews. I’ve seen too many blogs get off to an enthusiastic start then run out of steam after a couple of months. We’re a fairly slow-moving place and I think acceptance of that fact has been part of our 11-odd years’ endurance.

Apart from that, it’ll be pretty much business as usual around here. For review purposes we continue to look at games from about 1990 to 6-ish years ago. Blog posts will have oldies as their main focus but will occasionally stray out into more general PC gaming topics.

We hope to continue the relatively new discussion review feature; the criteria for choosing a game is a bit ill-defined, but it basically comes down to choosing something one (or both) of us would have normally overlooked. I’ve also been toying with the idea of reviewing indie games; it might be too much of a distraction from the core mission for the sake of something already much talked about in geek circles. But you’ll probably see the odd blog post on the topic.

Anyways, go have a read around, and feel free to make suggestions for games we should look at. Or tell me if I broke the wordpress code somewhere.

Final note: many thanks to Voh for providing some useful advice about our transition to WP.