Because every radio device I could ever listen to is permanently set to Radio 4, I occasionally happen upon an episode of The Archers. This always reminds me that some time ago, adventure game specialists Level 9 released an Archers game, in which the player controlled the main characters, with the aim of directing them to make decisions that the show’s listeners would respond to best.

I haven’t played it, although it certainly sounds like an interesting approach, with some potential for unintentional, low-key comedy (Who should you take to the Conservative Association dance? Choose Hazel, Caroline, or Peggy). However, the more I listen to The Archers, the more I think there could be a market for a new spin-off: Tom Archer’s Ready Meals.

In the game, you would be Tom Archer, and continue his never-ending quest to further the interests of his food empire. Much like the original The Archers game, it would essentially take the form of an adventure, with multiple-choice decision-making:


Of course, for today’s modern gamers, that approach would be too one-dimensional, so we’d also need to include a business element too:


Obviously, this is just concept art – I doubt the final product could look as good as this – but I reckon I’m onto a winner.

[With apologies to anyone who likes/does not like The Archers.]

Next week: An in-depth appraisal of the Grange Hill game’s death sequence.