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Adventurer’s Guide to Guardia, part 2

Hi all. Rik’s lately been moving house and my wife has immigrated to join me in England’s Green and Pleasant land, so we’re both a bit too busy for much gaming lately. However, I still have many wasted years of my youth to draw on for inspiration. So here’s the second installment of my guide […]

An Adventurer’s Guide to Guardia

I’ve written before about some of the monsters in Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant. Today I’m providing a handy guide to the planet of Guardia, on which Crusaders takes place. This is the fantasy world in which I spent far too much of my time in my mid-teens. I’m not going to give screenshots […]

I hate you, Conquilados

A few weeks back I wrote about one of the most frustrating battles from the venerable cRPG, Wizardry 7. Here are a few more that, for various reasons, have stuck in my memory all these years. The Fiend of Nine Worlds Towards the end of the game, working through the vast, sprawling final dungeons, you […]

because I’ve not spent enough of my life playing Wizardry yet

A while back I mentioned the Wizardry 6+7 bundle on Gog. This has enabled me to finally own a legal copy of Crusaders of the Dark Savant (wiz 7), about 20 years late. I thought I’d allow myself a replay, even tho I have about 394 games awaiting my attention, none getting any attention because […]