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Moments in Gaming: Firestorm

In the strategy game UFO: Enemy Unknown, the world is under attack from mysterious extra-terrestrials. They appear without warning, then vanish into the shadows. They raid cities, abduct people for experimentation, build hidden bases and even infiltrate national governments. Their campaign is a prelude to invasion of this planet, and brutal subjugation of the human […]

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I was rooting around my big folder of game screenshots and extracted graphics files, and came across this pic from 1994 strategy classic, UFO: Enemy Unknown. It shows the “equipment screen” graphics for your soldiers in personal armour.     You know what I find quite interesting? This amour has a very stylised, comic-book look […]

the hell is that supposed to be?

So I picked up Blood from gog.com, and sat through what has to be the ugliest, most plastic-looking pre-rendered cutscene I’ve yet encountered. Were we once impressed by this kind of thing? It’s aged horribly. In the interests of being positive, here’s a mid-90s intro done right: Yes we’re rocking out on midi music there. […]