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A Trivial Pursuit

I was being slightly facetious last time I mentioned this, but Christmas is a time for board games and quizzes. In fact, many of my earliest memories of the Yuletide season involve the family all getting together to play Trivial Pursuit – not the actual board game, mind you, but the computer version. Much of […]

You’ll need to know your Magpies from your Canaries

Hi there! It’s nearly Christmas [no it isn’t – FFG Reader], and everyone enjoys a good quiz at Christmas [maybe – FFG Reader], particularly if it’s a football quiz [nope, lost it again – FFG Reader], right? So in a topical, seasonal, and totally relevant update, with nothing at all to do with my bizarre […]

Atari ST Trivia Corner Part 3

ITV often have the same, misguided idea for new programming: copy something that’s been a success on the BBC and then pay a huge sum for the presenting talent to defect in the hope that the solid viewing figures can be seamlessly transplanted to their network. In practice, it rarely works: the show itself often […]

Mike Read’s Computer Pop Quiz

And you thought I was being facetious last time! (More proper content soon, I promise, but just at the moment I only have the time and energy to dip into daft nostalgia items like this one). Unlike A Question of SportĀ (the TV show), Mike Read’s Pop Quiz isn’t still going in a revamped, modernised format […]

Er…quite remarkable

My wife sent me this list: Peculiar British Video Games You Won’t Believe Ever Existed (it was on Buzzfeed. I think they like lists on Buzzfeed). Without sounding like some deathly-dull know-it-all retro bore, as someone both British and old enough to remember a time when a) Blockbusters and Bullseye were on TV and b) […]