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Moments in Gaming: fus roh dah

I always feel bad about displacing proper content with blog stuff, but also once I have something drafted I want it out the door so as not to gnaw at my mind. So please, valued visitor, before reading this: scroll down and read Rik’s review of Wacky Wheels. Or click this link. Man, it makes […]

speak quickly, Outlander

A couple of years back I talked about the Morrowind Overhaul, a huge bundle package of graphics upgrades for the third Elder Scrolls title. That’s one way to modernise an RPG that’s now over a decade old. Another approach is to recreate all of its content as a total conversion for one of its own […]

Skyrim: Dragonborn

We’re Going back to Solstheim And it looks like there’s some Morrowind-style buildings. iirc some Dunmer fled there after Morrowind itself got trashed. Could be a good way of appealing to player nostalgia, without having to do a full-game-sized landmass. I’ve held off from expansions so far, after spending far too much time playing Skyrim […]


So thanks to the Steam Sale I finally caved and got Skyrim. And am trying not to play for 6 hours every day. It doesn’t radically change the Elder SCrolls formula but continues to tweak and modernise it, whilst providing the same amazingly compelling sandbox style play. So I’ll find myself on a mission to […]

of Elder Scrolls and game balance

Some screenshots for Skyrim at Rock Paper Shotgun. From what I’ve heard so far, it’s like Oblivion with upgraded graphics and more advanced combat physics. Rest assured I’ll be getting a copy; I missed the early installments of Elder Scrolls but have been a huge fan since Morrowind. My current thought tho is how they’re […]