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Moments in Gaming: The Laa Laa Goal

Let’s journey back to a weekend evening, sometime in 1998 (or possibly 1999), when a handful of cool dudes are doing what all 17 year-olds should be doing on a Friday or Saturday night: huddling around a beige PC playing computer games. Unusually, virtual football is on the menu, with a shared love of Ubisoft’s […]

Fast. Fluent. Football. Festival.

Hi there. Season’s greetings to you all. Today we’re looking at the forerunner to our much-loved footy favourite of the 90s, Puma World Football. Here’s our review of Action Soccer.

Sean Dundee’s World Club Football

Long-term readers may be familiar with our love for the largely-unknown football game Puma World Football ’98 (ancient review here, more recent discussion piece here). At various points during the late 90s/early 00s we occasionally wondered whether the game ever actually existed or was in fact the product of some kind of collective hallucination, such […]

He’s a good man for the job, I’d say, John

Hello. In response to a couple of requests, I’ve added some more music from Puma World Football ’98 to the site. To be honest, none of the tracks are that noteworthy, and are certainly without the significant comedy value of the mighty PES 2008 soundtrack, but clearly, they’re of interest to someone. You can find […]

The linesman has raised his…flag

Good evening. Tonight, as part of our 10-year anniversary-thing, we continue our look back over some of our favourite games, and reviews, of the past. This time, Stoo and I talk about Puma World Football. Hope you enjoy it – there’s more to come.