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You were doing fifty-five in a fifty-four

Just when you thought we’d probably had enough of games based around following police procedure, we’re back once again, with a review of Jim Walls’ Blue Force. I can categorically state that we have had enough of them now. And we will never, ever, ever be reviewing Police Quest: SWAT. Ever. Next time, something good.

To protect and serve

Tonight we have a double whammy, completing our coverage of Sierra’s Police Quest series. Well, apart from the EGA original. And the SWAT spin-offs. Still, this is our greatest show of dedication yet to the Sierra adventures! So Rik has reviewed the final installment in the adventures of Sonny Bonds: Police Quest 3: The Kindred. […]

I can feel it coming in the air tonight

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a good one. This was supposed to be our final update for 2008, but unfortunately we didn’t quite make it in time. Still, at least we’ve got things going for 2009. Here’s a review of Police Quest II for you.