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speak quickly, Outlander

A couple of years back I talked about the Morrowind Overhaul, a huge bundle package of graphics upgrades for the third Elder Scrolls title. That’s one way to modernise an RPG that’s now over a decade old. Another approach is to recreate all of its content as a total conversion for one of its own […]

exploiting Morrowind for fun and profit

Morrowind isn’t the sort of RPG where you need to go looking for advantages. After a first ten levels or so of running from demons and flailing ineffectually with your sword, you quickly find yourself escalating in power. By level 30 or so there’s not a lot that can seriously challenge you. Still, there a […]

Under sun and sky Outlander, we greet you warmly (again)

For a while now I’ve felt an urge to revisit Morrowind. It must be, oh, eight or so years since I last wandered the swamps and ashlands of Vvardenfall, exploring ruins and running errands for various guilds. In particular, I was interested to see how the game looks these days. Over the years fans have […]