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In the bleak midwinter…

Hi there. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Sorry for the delay. We go a little further back in time than usual for this one – it’s a favourite from my Atari ST days, the snow-based strategy game Midwinter. Hope you enjoy it. There will be more, as soon as we can bring it to […]

Rebellious Dogs!

Earlier this week the sad news emerged that programmer Mike Singleton had died, aged 61, after losing his battle with cancer. Lords of Midnight was a little before my time, but I do have many fond memories of playing Midwinter on the Atari ST. As with many of my earlier gaming experiences, much of the […]

Enter the word on page 54, paragraph 3, word 7

So these days it seems we’re obsessed with DRM and how it does or does not affect sales of PC games. Still, while the methods change, the principle of stopping casual piracy is nothing new. Eurogamer has done a fun retrospective on some of the copy protection methods employed by publishers over the years. I […]