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You push a man too far, and sooner or later he’ll start pushing back

So Rockstar are working on a new Max Payne game. Not to doubt their pedigree, but I’m slightly troubled by some of the tidbits of news about the game that have emerged so far. There’s a picture of Max that makes him look like a Ukrainian boxer, which is troubling enough, but now they’ve announced […]

Waking up from the American dream

Hello. Some of you might be aware that there’s a Max Payne movie out. So in a topical(ish) update, I’ve taken a look at Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne. I also went to see the film itself, so just in case you were waiting to see what we thought before you rushed […]

Looking down into the grave of my love

So they’ve made a Max Payne movie with Mark ‘Marky-Mark’ Wahlberg in it. Hmm. Sometims laziness can work for you; in this case, having been dimly aware for some time that the film was going to be released, I was going to post something about how it looked like it might actually be alright (based […]

Review: Max Payne

Hello, Okay, so July came and went without too much in the way of new content. No excuses, no lengthy stories of how bloody busy we are with our desperately interesting lives – let’s just say that July was a fallow month; we apologise. Only one new review tonight, but it’s a biggie. In this […]