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Hello there. Well, well, what do we have here? After years and years of having precisely zero coverage of the series, here’s our second King’s Quest review in as many months. Just like London buses…(rest of joke deleted) Jo’s the reviewer this time around, as she takes a look at King’s Quest VII: The Princeless […]

Took us long enough

Hello everyone. Our comittment to Sierra games has always been just a bit more lacking than you might expect for old-time adventure fans. Pretty much the only series we’ve played extensively is Police Quest. Rik played one Space Quest and hasn’t been in a rush to go back, I did like the first Quest for […]

that sounded drastic

Well I thought that, since I’ve kinda failed to keep up with Rik’s output, it’s time to get cracking on more content. So I’d have another go at King’s Quest 6. This must be about the sixth attempt, somehow I’ve just never succesfully played through, but we really should get a King’s Quest on board […]

To Heir is Human

I recently discovered that Sierra have recently re-released a number of their old adventure games in Windows-friendly ‘Classic Collection’ packs. UK gamers can now get all of the Space, Police or King’s Quest games in one handy (and legal) collection for the reasonable(ish) sum of £10. This is the kind of thing that should happen […]