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Discussion: Her Story (spoilers!)

Hello. Today we’re reviving our once semi-regular discussion format to take a look at a relatively modern title. For this purpose we welcome back to FFG, after a number of years away, our sometime contributor and unofficial third member, Jo. The game we’re discussing is Her Story, released in 2015. Unusually for a modern game, […]

They say that every story has a beginning and an end, but sometimes the two are one and the same.

Hello all. Several years ago I wrote about the adventure game The Longest Journey. Today, in the latest of our series of discussion reviews, we look at the sequel, Dreamfall. The mid 2000s were a quiet period in the history of adventures, and many thought the traditional point and click-based approach was dead, so this […]

You kill a few men before a jury gives you permission to, and they fire you

Good evening. October seems to be a fairly productive month for us at FFG. No, not because it’s Halloween. (You know, that really isn’t such a big deal over here). Anyway, it’s been a little while, but we’ve got one of our discussion review features for you tonight. The game is Outlaws. Yee-haw! *fires guns […]

Not Flashback

Hello everyone. It’s time once again for our semi-regular feature, the discussion review! The process we use for choosing games is not formally defined. Sometimes it’s about playing a genre one or both of us is unfamiliar with, or just wouldn’t have normally considered – like the time I made Rik sit through a JPRG, […]

What’s wrong with being sexy?

Hello there. We have a new discussion review for you today. Chosen for reasons of simply trying to give something a go that we’d never bothered to look at before, rather than any attempt to be topical, we make a belated attempt to take a look at a game from the Leisure Suit Larry series. […]

Captains log stardate 39395: The away team sucks. They’re all fired.

Hello everyone. We’re quite fond of our discussion pieces; they prompt us to try games we might not have otherwise noticed, they let us bounce ideas off each other and they also remind us is an amusing manner that we’re frequently actually pretty bad at videogames. Even though we spend a lot of time playing […]

this is madness, Chester!

Evening, all! It’s time for another discussion piece. We aim to do something a little different each time, and certainly we’ve not got much coverage of Japanese RPGs on this site in general. So today we’re looking exactly at just that sort of game, with Ys: The Oath in Felghana.

Discussion review: Mass Effect

Hi and welcome to the latest in our ongoing series of game discussions. This time we thought we’d try ourselves against a big-name, relatively recent title. If (like us) you live under a rock and don’t keep up with modern gaming, Mass Effect is an action-RPG from the prolific Bioware. It uses third-person cover-shooter type […]

Alpha 1 is down!

Hello everyone. I finally caved in and bought Skyrim a few weeks back. And have of course been playing obsessively, running jobs for the Thieves Guild, slaying dragons and shouting bandits off clifftops. So not a lot of retro-gaming going on, alas. However I did make myself take a break long enough to play some […]

Mangle WON’T succeed!

Hello everyone. We’ve got another discussion review for you today. If old platformers are your thing, take a look at Bio Menace. Might be a few more discussions yet, hopefully looking at a range of types of game. If you’d rather read a “proper” review then don’t worry, those will remain the main feature. The […]