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These days I probably get to spend more time playing on the DS on the way to work during the week than trying out more recent releases on the PC. Although my favourite game genres are probably sport and racing, I’ve come to realise that these areas aren’t where the DS really excels. So rather […]

Rise of the Triad

I’ve enjoyed a few games on DS, but few have been as good as GTA: Chinatown Wars. I have to admit, when it was first announced I wasn’t sure whether the DS was the right platform for GTA, and part of me dismissed it as a half-hearted knock-off of the early PC efforts. I was […]


Sega Mega Drive Ultimate Collection For PS3, Xbox and not PC. Dammit! Oh well maybe i’ll get a Wii one day, then I could legally get such classics via the Virtual Console. Er except I’d need a TV first.

Ace graphix lol

Sometimes I buy the gaming magazine Edge. It’s supposedly the magazine for ‘serious’ gamers, which I like to think I am – perhaps that’s why I buy it – but almost every time I do, I come across something that makes me think it isn’t aimed at people like me at all. Such as this […]

console wars

Recently i’ve been wasting a lot of time on TV Tropes, a website primarily dedicated to cateloguing recurring themes and ideas that turn up in fiction in all kinds of media, including gaming. t into related topics in various forms of media though – there’s a lot there and it’s it’s almost like a more […]

Grand Theft Scratchy

My missus very kindly bought me a Nintendo DS for Christmas. It was an awesome present, especially as it was a total surprise and wasn’t the result of months of laboured hinting. One of the games that came along with it was The Simpsons Game. It had some mixed reviews but it’s actually a pretty […]