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A frankly poor piece on an interesting topic

[Disclaimer: I woke up in the middle of the night thinking that this would make a great piece and excitedly jotted down some notes. At some point between then and now, perhaps following an ill-advised browse of some comments sections, I lost the will to try and write anything decent, or to try and generate, […]

Abandoned Places

In recent months I’ve joined Abandoned Places as an updater. I’ve tried to keep a regular update schedule, and take some time to mention a bit of detail as to what’s in each update (as that’s what I would want as an AW webmaster). Unfortunately, things have gone slightly wrong with my latest update, which […]

Diary of a madman

Earlier this week Knyght performed a great service to the world of abandonware by adding the CD version of Dreamweb to Anarchy. It’s something I’ve been after for a while, having thoroughly enjoyed the disk version but also thinking (based on vague memories of a playable demo from around the time of the game’s initial […]

Back once again…

For those of you who haven’t noticed, The Abandonware Blog is back in business. Which is clearly a good thing, I’m sure you’ll agree. So anyone who’s been missing their semi-regular dose of abandonware-related news can now head over there and get it…