A great way to not get anything posted, spread myself across several games at once. Hey at least i’ve mostly given up on bastard warcraft.

Planescape Torment: thought provoking, sometimes genuinely moving story-driven RPG. Great, as long as you like reading lots of text. Well-developed characters, fascinating setting. As far as D&D goes I’m far more absorbed than I ever was in Baldur’s Gate. Expect a glowing review.

Dungeon Siege: The other kind of RPG – a bunch of heroes progress through forests, deserts and dungeons battering 39480 goblins to death. Token story, utterly linear, not a lot of variety. One of those RPGS where one runthrough is enough (compare and contrast with my past Morrowind obsession) – I’m pushing myself for this 2nd attempt just for review purposes. Still it is fun and has some modicum of tactical thinking.

Duke Nukem 3D: was an attempt to be “topical” what with the news that Duke Nukem Forever is actually going to happen. I failed. Will play and review anyway because I’m feeling nostalgic for the mid-90s and hard rock rendered in midi form.

Doom 3: For the sake of playing all shooters ever that aren’t the original Doom. For no reason, I mean I liked Doom. it’s just our thing.

On another note, we’re trying to integrate stuff like facebook and twitter into all this. Not got it all worked out yet; I’ve never really gotten “into” all this modern web 2.0 social mybook stuff because I am old and useless. But we’ll work something out, bolting modern technology onto this creaky old site!