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Written by: Rik

Date posted: February 4, 2018

Welcome to the latest of our intermittent series of videos haphazardly captured on DOSBox.

Here, your correspondent plays through a T20 World Challenge. Enjoy the full, unedited action from all three matches below.

(Apologies but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist skipping some of the commentary and video clips while playing – to let each one play out would take the patience of a saint).

Match 1: New Zealand vs India

Canny underdogs New Zealand (Rik) take on mighty cricketing superpower India (Normal Difficulty AI) in a match that many are calling the first match of this tournament. The AI is so rubbish, there’s only going to be one winner here.

Match 2: New Zealand vs West Indies

Well, whatever happened in the last match was/wasn’t a shock! Now, onto the second game, which may be similar, or indeed completely different.

Match 3: Final – New Zealand vs India (again)

The World Challenge, eh? With only 3 teams, the final has to be between two teams who’ve already played each other. So here we are again, with a repeat of Match 1. But will it be the same result (whatever that was)?