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Written by: Rik

Date posted: April 2, 2005

Col. Christopher ‘Maverick’ Blair: The introduction of FMV into the series meant the end of being able to name your character. So you’re stuck as Mark Hamill, which may or may not be a good thing, but regardless of that, Blair is pretty much the same guy from earlier games, if a little older and wiser. It’s fair to say you’re not too enamoured with the assignment to the Victory, and you have a sneaking feeling it’s got something to do with your difficult relationship with Admiral Tolwyn.

Gen. James ‘Paladin’ Taggart: Paladin’s not flying any more, which is probably just as well seeing as he’s now played by the portly John Rhys-Davies. He shoots off after the game’s intro, but returns with some news of top-secret Confederation research which could help the fight against the Kilrathi.

Adm. Sir Geoffrey Tolwyn: Despite your numerous achievements, it seems there’s nothing you can do to impress Tolwyn. He sends you to the Victory without much explanation, and remains tight-lipped about the whereabouts of your girlfriend, Jeannette ‘Angel’ Devereaux, whom he sent on a special-ops mission some time ago. While early WC games had Tolwyn down as more of a humourless disciplinarian, Malcolm McDowell brings some welcome eccentricity to the role.

Prince Thrakhath: The Kilrathi Prince has duelled with you in the past, and as a result refers to you as “The Heart of the Tiger” – indicating respect for your abilities as a warrior. He’ll want to fight you again before the game’s finished, although not before he’s done the odd evil deed here and there to get you all riled up.

Capt. William Eisen: You may think it’s a rusty old tub, but Eisen’s been with the Victory for most of his career, and now he’s in charge, so you’d better show some respect. Early impressions indicate that the captain might be quick to resort to the phrase “Goddammit” while lecturing you about the need to follow protocol, but it turns out he rarely loses his rag.

Lt. Col. Ralgha ‘Hobbes’ nar Hhallas: A Kilrathi warrior who now flies for the Confederation, you were glad to have Hobbes on your wing in WC2, although it seems that not everyone aboard the Victory is convinced of his loyalty. Because no-one will fly with him, Hobbes isn’t even on the flight roster until you pitch up and demand his reinstatement. A good pilot, even if he would be better off advertising a sugary breakfast cereal.

Lt. Winston “Vagabond” Chang: As his callsign suggests, Vagabond’s a bit of a drifter, and the gaps in his bio indicate a chequered past. But he’s a good pilot and, as you constantly keep hearing throughout the WC games, Confed needs all the good pilots they can get.

Lt. Laurel ‘Cobra’ Buckley: If Vagabond’s a little secretive about his past, at least he manages to be cheerful most of the time. If you want a genuinely troubled pilot on your wing, best go for Cobra. Her hatred for the Kilrathi knows no bounds, and your insistence on flying with Hobbes pisses her off no end. Every time you speak to her she seems to be sharpening a knife and scowling; once in the cockpit however, she’s a pretty handy wingman.

Maj. Todd ‘Maniac’ Marshall: If your old buddy from WC1 was happy to see you arrive on the Victory, he’s got a funny way of showing it. Down the years Maniac seems to have gotten a little bitter and twisted, and seems jealous of your rank and reputation. As a pilot, he remains as aggressive as ever, and he certainly won’t be waiting for you to give the order if there are hostiles around.

Chief Technician Rachel Coriolis: The answer to the question, ‘Which of them was played by a porn star?’ Yes, Ginger Lynn-Allen starred in a number of ‘educational’ movies during the eighties, but in WC3, she plays Rachel the mechanic, and she’s more concerned with getting her hands on the new Confed test fighter than on your slightly rotund physique. Well, at first anyway…