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Written by: Rik

Date posted: November 22, 2020

My main advice for this game would be to grab a download of the manual. But, in case you can’t/won’t and have pursued a strategy of ‘bash all keys on the keyboard and see what they do’, here are a few key hints and tips:

1. Missions don’t end when you complete the objectives. You have to press F10 to get the drop ship to pick you up. If you press it by accident, you can press it again to cancel.

2. Press F5 to bring up a list of countermeasures and turn them on. The manual says this might attract more attention from enemies, and maybe it does, but as discussed in the main review, sneaking around doesn’t seem like a viable option here.

3. If you need to pick things up on a mission, approach them slowly and press F7 to see when you’re in a position to stop and pick them up.

4. If you’re not sure whether the static object you just destroyed was part of the mission or not, press F8 for an overview of completed and remaining objectives.

5. Mission-critical objects on the ground can be destroyed by trampling all over them, however you can also use the + and – keys to adjust the crosshairs and use a weapon instead. This is particularly handy when your machine is too knackered to build up enough speed to trample something. Press * to return the crosshairs to the centre.

Oh, and one final thing: I had a few problems with the game crashing and corrupting the save file – be sure to make a copy of the STATUS.DAT file and the SAVED_A folder (assuming you choose the top save slot) to avoid any loss of progress.