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Written by: The J Man

Date posted: October 2, 2013

I’ve tried to tell you about the life of a simulated European trucker, but you know, sometimes that’s just not enough. Come along with me as we run diesel from London to Lisbon, because to truly know the road, you have to experience it yourself.



The only way off the island is through the ferry at Dover. Of course the fee is coming out of your pocket.



Now in France, we head off toward Bordeaux. Ferry travel time has been automatically deducted.



Nearly two and a half hours later, we pass Paris! The… um… City of… er… Lights…



Two more hours sees our little man indicator filling up with sleepy. Time to pull off the road for some fuel and 8 hours of shuteye (again, automatically deducted).



Back on the road at 9, and passing lovely Bordeaux… down there… ah… somewhere.



Two and a half hours later, and we’re passing the border into Spain. You don’t even have to slow down!



A surprise rainstorm sweeps in and lasts for an hour, offering the most excitement so far. I guess it’s true what they say about the rain in Spain.



Heading into Portugal about 4 hours and 20 minutes after entering Spain. Posting about 120 km/h likely has something to do with it. There are no speed governors in this version.



Another two hours sees us on the final stretch, but we’re low on fuel and high on fatigue. Will we make our delivery?



We successfully deliver our full tanker of diesel to this small, nondescript farmhouse. We’re likely on a government list now, but €25000 richer.