If you follow geek news, or movie news, or probably any news at all, you’ve probably heard that Disney has spent about a bajillion dollars buying Lucasfilm from George Lucas.

The most important aspect of this is, of course, that they plan on making new Star Wars films. Which I’m cautiously optimistic about – after all, this is the same group that brought us Avengers. I’m confident they can beat the prequel trilogy, anyway.

For the purposes of this little blog though, our interests are regarding Lucasarts’ back catelogue. A few years ago they gave us remakes of the first two Monkey Islands, and put a few other oldies on Steam, but then they seemed to lose interest. So despite the ever-increasing ease of buying old games, we still can’t get TIE Fighter or Day of the Tentacle. Will their new corporate overlords be more eager to make the full range available?

As for what this means for *new* Lucasarts games, the future may not be bright. Rock Paper Shotgun suggest we could be in for a run of mobile and social media games and little in the way of big-budget releases.

(RPS seem as cool and trendy as it gets in terms of gaming sites. Does linking them make us slightly fashionable by association?)

(probably not)