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Written by: Stoo

Date posted: August 13, 2005

There are two of these, both worth getting if you liked the original game and have another dozen hour or so of your life to lose (in fact, you really want the Game of the Year edition which includes all three together).

Set in the mighty city of Mournhold, this continues the story of the three Demigods of the Dark Elves. For those of you who like massive dungeons to fight and quest through, and thought the original game lacked such things (as it went for a large number of smaller dungeons and equivalents instead), this should give you your fix. There’s an extensive network of tunnels, dungeons and underground ruins filled with undead, goblins and other such nasties. Meanwhile the city itself adds shops, mansions, and numerous little side-quests to complement the main storyline. There is of course new weaponry and armour to be found, and even the NPCs have a greater degree of individuality. There are also some tougher fights for higher-level characters.

This¬† adds a whole new landmass to the seamless game-world: the snowy island of Solstheim which is roughly a quarter the size of the original map. The story behind the main quest this time is mostly unrelated to the that of the original game, concerning Werewolves and the return of a demonic Daedra prince. I found this land of snow and wolves to be a little more traditional-fantasy – and thus less interesting – than the more exotic Morrowind setting, but that’s just my sense of aesthetics perhaps. On the plus side it again adds some tougher enemies.¬† There’s also a new faction to join, the East Empire company, and while in their employ you can help in the founding of a new mining colony. The town actually grows as you complete quests – a nice touch considering the somewhat static game-world that I mentioned in the main review.