Is it October already? It’s getting cold, the nights are drawing in…all the more reason to not bother going outside and enjoy some classic gaming in the warm comfort of your home. You could tidy the place up a bit though – how about recycling some of those empty Dr Pepper cans instead of leaving them scattered around your PC, huh?

Content from myself has ground to a bit of a halt recently. Luckily, Jo decided it was time she did another piece for this site – check out her review of Maniac Mansion.

Stoo, meanwhile, recklessly shelled out £40 on the ID Super Pack on Steam. To justify the expenditure he’s now forsaking all other forms of entertainment in favour of ageing 3D shooters a-plenty. First up is the one that started it all (kind of) – Wolfenstein 3D.

Finally, I managed to recover sufficiently from minor brain damage incurred while attempting to comprehend all the different stats in Fallout to add a review of Viva Football to the Sport section.