Three new reviews for you this evening, and they’re linked by a theme of automotive mayhem…

First up, we have Carmageddon, which caused quite a stir when it was first released – probably something to do with all the blood.

The other major controversy in game-land during 1997 was Grand Theft Auto. We’ve already covered that one, and more recently we’ve turned our attentions to the first sequel, GTA 2.

Finally, we’ve decided to take a look at yet another game in the Need for Speed series. Road Challenge may not let you go on a killing spree, or run anyone over, but it does let you drive faster than you’re supposed to. Remember, kids – speed kills, too.

Okay, so the link was a bit tenuous. Still, we’ve got three reviews in one update for the first time since, well, ever (I think), so that’s something, I guess.