So there’s another Prince of Persia game on the way, The Forgotten Sands. Not apparently a game adapation of the upcoming movie (if it was, it would be a game of a movie of a game which is a rather amusing concept), but certainly timed to coincide with it. It’s a return to the Sands of Time trilogy, an approach which feels rather dismissive of the 2008 game, but isn’t unwelcome.

Currently we don’t have coverage of anything PoP, which is a situation I believe needs fixing given that the franchise goes back to 1989. That said if I attempt the original it will probably just lead to falling in pits and dying a lot. Let’s put it in the “get around to it… sometime” pile of revered oldies.

I definitely do wish to cover the Sands of Time itself, though, as that one’s still a greatly enjoyable classic. Apart from the slick acrobatics I loved the enchanting Arabian-Nights feel, so much more atmospheric than the angst and nu-metal of the sequel.

Later games are too new to fall on our radar for now, but there was also a lesser-known first attempt at 3D in between the original platformers and Sands of Time. That wasn’t particularly well-received but might be fun to take a look at.