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Written by: Rik

Date posted: September 30, 2015

1: A companion soundtrack album was released, featuring the three licensed tracks from the PlayStation version of Wipeout and…a whole load of others that aren’t in the game at all.

2: British electronica act Fluke contributed their song Atom Bomb to the soundtrack of Wipeout 2097. The single release featured artwork by The Designers Republic, with one of the first game’s pilots, Arial Tetsuo, appearing on the CD cover and featuring prominently in the music video. The band subsequently employed someone to act as a real-world incarnation of this character at their live shows.

3: A prototype version of Wipeout appeared in the film Hackers, starring Angelina Jolie and Jonny Lee Miller. In the scene, the two take turns to play the game in a club and attempt to get the best high score. It’s not Wipeout’s coolest moment – ignoring the general naffness, the sequence is obviously pre-rendered and the game is seemingly controlled with a pair of joysticks.

4: A controversial advert for Wipeout featured model and The Girlie Show presenter Sara Cox. Like many young and edgy presenters and broadcasters from the 90s, she’s now a DJ on Radio 2.

5: Rik from the famous gaming website A Force for Good once spent a long time looking for an improved and 3D accelerated version of Wipeout called Wipeout XL. It doesn’t, of course, exist: that’s just the name they gave Wipeout 2097 in the US.