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Written by: Rik

Date posted: January 17, 2006

Ever since driving games have had the option to change the in-game camera, a mini debate has emerged as to the ‘proper’ way to experience them. Broadly speaking, you either prefer the in-car/bonnet-cam, or the out-of-car camera which actually allows you to see your own vehicle. The former is often considered by its proponents to be ‘the man’s choice’ – as much as any computer driving game can be macho – on the grounds that it puts the player in the driving seat and provides a more thrilling experience.

I’ve never really agreed with this, shifting my preference from game to game, based on a largely unscientific process of fiddling about with the camera whilst driving until it feels right. However, in Rally Championship Xtreme, using the in-car camera is downright scary, with every bump and even the sense of speed seemingly amplified to the extent that you really don’t feel like putting your foot down. While this is a great achievement for the developers, it isn’t recommended for wusses or people who don’t feel too well.