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Written by: Rik

Date posted: September 20, 2009

1: These young chaps aren’t easily impressed, apparently. Perhaps building a “dope” ride will change their minds about me.


2: Oh dear. It seems I only have enough money for a green Chrysler Neon. That won’t impress my homies.


3: That’s looking a lot more snazzy. It’s orange now, like a tiger. Hey – that gives me an idea…

4: A car that looks like a tiger. This is the best idea that anyone’s ever had.


5: All hail TigerCar!


6: You know you’ve made it when your car’s on the cover of Autopress magazine. “Alles over tunen!” indeed.


7: Nothing can stop TigerCar now. Throw a train in my path, will you? TigerCar laughs at your puny challenge!


8: So we’ve suffered a setback. This is nothing we can’t handle. We’ll get through this together, old friend.


9: This kind of failure can no longer be tolerated. TigerCar is dead…


10: …long live PukeMobile!