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Written by: Rik

Date posted: May 13, 2007

I quite like cars – I like racing games, and a good car chase in a film – but my interest doesn’t really extend to getting hot under the collar about all the different supercars out there. For one thing, I can’t really tell the difference between one Porsche and another. I quite often observe balding, red faced old men sitting in long queues of traffic behind the wheel of their Porsche round where I live, and frankly, they all seem to be driving the same car.

A quick play of Porsche 2000 doesn’t really seem to clear things up. As far as I can tell, Porsche brought out the 911 in 1965 and have just been churning out different versions of that same car since then. Of course, early versions of the 911 weren’t quite as powerful as modern varieties, and they didn’t have luxuries like power steering (which explains the itchy handling of some early models in the game) but they still look pretty much the same. Occasionally in Factory Driver mode, you’ll get to deliver a Boxter to a customer, but for the most part it’s 911s all the way.