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Written by: Rik

Date posted: December 31, 2011

The career mode in Need for Speed: Most Wanted features a rather silly storyline, utilising some rather embarrassing video footage along the way. Frankly, the whole thing can safely be ignored, especially as there’s very little plot development throughout the game, with the main video content essentially bookending an otherwise story-free grind through a series of races and chases. For my money, it’s worth watching though – we all need a good laugh now and again, don’t we?


1: Here’s your beloved BMW M3. At the start of the game, you’re happily driving along without a care in the world, until you get involved in a scripted chase which ends with your arrest and one of your rivals nicking off with your wheels.


2: This is the fella, known as ‘Razor’, although his mum calls him Clarence. He’s only top of the blooming blacklist! Cue 10,000 races before you can challenge him and get your car back.


3: This face belongs to Mia, who appears in an introductory sequence to tell you that the game isn’t real life and that you should always drive safely and wear your seatbelt. In the game itself, she seems to want to help you for no apparent reason. (There is a reason, but I won’t give it away, even though you can probably guess it).


4: Every so often you’ll get a message on your phone offering tips, encouragement, or generic trash-talk. A guy called ‘Rog’ seems quite keen to offer you advice, although I can’t honestly remember who he is or where he came from.


5: The main antagonist is the appropriately-named Sergeant Cross (seen here getting, er, cross). He likes to leave you angry messages suggesting he’s apoplectic with rage at your hi-jinks, but other than that he’s rarely seen.


6: Did we mention that Razor’s one of the silliest, least-scary game villains of all time? Don’t be fooled by those tattoos – he drew them on himself with felt-tipped pen.


7: If you think he looks daft, though, then get a load of this guy.


8: And this one. I think Razor likes to surround himself with blokes who look even sillier than him.