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Written by: Rik

Date posted: May 1, 2004

In a most un-EA like move, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit allows extra cars to be downloaded and integrated into the game. The promise that lots of officially produced cars would follow the game’s release was only partially fulfilled, with only a couple of extras ever actually made available. However, hundreds of third-party produced cars are still available for download, with everything from Aston Martins and BMWs to Ladas and Volvos available. Admittedly they vary in quality, with some rather oddly shaped and crudely textured vehicles on offer, but you can usually check out a preview screen of how the car will look before you download. The cars’ performance is not usually that accurate either; the Vauxhall Vectra I downloaded demonstrated acceleration and performance far in advance not only of the one my dad had at the time, but also of my opponent’s Lamborghini Diablo. However, it’s definitely worth taking the time to sift through a few.



Link: Need for Speed Cars (www.nfscars.net) offers several hundred cars for all the NFS games from Hot Pursuit onwards. Some kind soul has also converted some of the cars from Road Challenge to NFS 3 format and made them available here.