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Written by: Rik

Date posted: September 21, 2012

So, you can exploit Flatout‘s borderline-tasteless ‘driver through the screen’ mechanic for fun and profit in one of a number of ‘ragdoll sports’ events, available as bonus races.

There are a variety, but they pretty much all amount to the same thing: fire your hapless ragdoll representation out of your vehicle at a high speed, and at an appropriate angle, for material gain.

Here’s how we got on with the high-jump:


1: Down the ramp, apparently accompanied by the sound of ‘Down the Street’ by a band called ‘Killer Barbies’.


2: Easy does it. You don’t want to fly into the air here and miss the launch pad.


3: So far, so good, with only minor cosmetic damage to the vehicle.


4: Okay, make that ‘significant damage’.


5: Up, up and away!


6: There he goes…looks like we got some good distance, too.


7: And now, for the landing. Don’t worry, there’s something soft down there.


8: See? Told you.


9: Ah, we appear to have missed.


10: He’ll be alright, folks, don’t worry.