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Written by: Rik

Date posted: September 9, 2013

Lamborghini American Challenge is a later re-release of Crazy Cars III, but they’re pretty much the same game, to the extent that the mighty MobyGames has conflated the two into a single entry.

The differences aren’t significant enough to justify a second play-through (or, indeed, for the 90s racing fan to have to shell out again a couple of years later) but they are there. The main one seems to be the inclusion of a split-screen 2-player mode, which may have been a draw back in the day, but sadly it isn’t one I can evaluate here. (It does come at the expense of Crazy Cars III’s ‘training’ mode though).

Another change is that in Lamborghini American Challenge, you can save your game in the middle of a division championship (after four races). However, the early races seemed a little bit tougher than in Crazy Cars III, as if to compensate for the more forgiving save system.

Had I been given the choice at the outset (ie done some proper research), I probably would have favoured the later game’s approach, although having discovered this only having completed Crazy Cars III first, I naturally now consider Lamborghini American Challenge to be for wussy crybabies.

Although I haven’t played this game enough to give a forensic analysis of the differences between the two, I’m pretty confident in saying there’s not much to choose between them. Beyond what’s already been noted, you have a different title screen, a yellow car, and some slightly speeded up music. Otherwise, they’re essentially the same.

(As always, happy to be corrected if anyone else knows better).