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Written by: Rik

Date posted: November 9, 2014

As previously discussed, the track called ‘default’ in my version of Stunts was probably not the one that came with the game. It’s origins are uncertain: a school friend claimed he made it, but I’m not sure anyone ever believed him. Anyway, what is true is the fact that I used to play it over and over again in an attempt to shave microseconds off my best time. So, what better way to test Crashday‘s track editing credentials than to try and remake it?


1: There she is, in Stunts, along with my best time (under 55 seconds – at one point, I didn’t think it was possible).



2: Just time for a quick check of the layout…mustn’t forget to include some kind of building jump.



3: Right, so they don’t have any skyscrapers. This water tower could work…but it’s much too big.



4: The apartment building seems like a viable alternative. However, the bridge jumps aren’t steep enough to give you enough elevation to get over them.


5: A solution is found, and, for the most part, the format of the original is recreated successfully. With an absence of shortcut penalties, some checkpoints are needed along the way, as well as the start/finish line.


6: As with Stunts, you get a preview of your track once it’s saved, although the picture only seems to be based on how it was the first time you saved it.


7: You can also determine what kind of events and races can be held on your track. When you come to race, you can turn some of Crashday‘s sillier elements such as weapons and nitro off, too.


8: Nothing left to do but give it a go. It doesn’t look too bad, I suppose. I wish those jumps were a bit better.



9: Here’s the building jump…



10: *sigh* No, it’s just not the same. I just can’t imagine this remake inspiring the kind of breathtaking adrenaline-fuelled immaturity evidenced by this high-score table.