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Written by: Rik

Date posted: August 1, 2005

For a long time, 4D Sports: Driving was one of the only driving games of its type – combining stunt driving with a well-implemented track construction kit. Until recently, the only hope of an updated version came from fan-made remakes, none of which – to my knowledge – were ever completed. However, in 2004 Nadeo released Trackmania, a competitively-priced and extremely playable racer clearly influenced by 4DSD. While it’s not exactly a remake, Trackmania also features a construction kit, unlikely stunts and compulsive gameplay. And, where 4DSD featured opponent drivers rendered redundant by their stupidity, Trackmania does away with them altogether, featuring only ghost cars as an indicator of the time you have to beat.

The basic Race mode features a whole host of pre-designed tracks with medals awarded if you beat a certain time. You can also use to construction kit to design your own tracks and set the medal times yourself. However, Trackmania also features a puzzle mode, incorporating elements from old favourite Pipe-Mania. You begin in the construction kit with an incomplete track and a few spare pieces, the idea being to complete the track in a way which will make it easier for you to get a quick time once you race on it. Opinion is divided as to how well this mode works; some people think it’s what makes TM great, others (like me) prefer just to race. Either way, there’s a bucketload of gameplay on offer – and for online gamers, a whole host of multiplayer options.

Trackmania proved to be such a hit that it’s already spawned a sequel – Trackmania Sunrise – which features improved graphics, more exotic cars and more scope for track design. Stunts fans should also keep an eye out for Crashday – a smart-looking racer which promises to combine elements of 4D Sports: Driving and Carmageddon (we think it’s the smashing into cars and not the running over of pedestrians they’re referring to) – due for release some time in 2005.