After the success of the Nes Classic Edition, Nintendo are giving the Super Nintendo the same treatment. The SNES classic edition will look like a miniature version of the much loved 16 bit console, and come loaded with 21 games.

That’s less than the NES Classic’s 30, but a lot of those were rather basic arcade games from 1984, the sort of thing I played for about 10 minutes. Most of what we have here is more substantial:

– Contra III: The Alien Wars
– Donkey Kong Country
– EarthBound
– Final Fantasy III
– Kirby Super Star
– Kirby’s Dream Course
– The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
– Mega Man X
– Secret of Mana
– Star Fox
– Star Fox 2
– Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
– Super Castlevania IV
– Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
– Super Mario Kart
– Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
– Super Mario World
– Super Metroid
– Super Punch-Out!!
– Yoshi’s Island

I’m particularly glad to see Yoshi’s Island included. It came late in the 16 bit era, and so was a bit overlooked, but it’s a wonderfully charming and inventive platformer.

I guess this also means I’ll make *another* start on Final Fantasy 3, after giving up on the GBA, android and steam versions. I don’t know why I keep trying, I did actually finish the SNES original years ago. I think I’m trying to make it up to Square for playing a pirated ROM.

The surprise entry here is Star Fox 2, which was never previously released. Apparently instead of the linear levels of the original, you can freely move around a map screen and pick your battles. This isn’t a series I have much personal attachment to (the PC had X-wing by this point), but still, it’s great that Nintendo are finally making it available.

Biggest disappointment meanwhile is probably the lack of Chrono Trigger, one of the SNES greatest RPGs. Not a dealbreaker but Magus, Chrono and Frog will be missed.

The NES Classic was unfortunately difficult to find, with Nintendo totally failing to make enough of them to meet demand. Some gamers were pushed to go to scalpers on ebay, who charged twice or more the retail price. Then Nintendo went and cancelled production. It looks like this one will also only be manufactured for a few months, from september to the end of 2017. Nintendo are promising to make more units than they did with the NES classic, but I’m still preparing to watch amazon like a hawk

The RRP is higher this time at $80, although it also includes two controllers, so you’ll be ready to lose to your wife at Mario Kart, out of the box. Or maybe that’s just me.

Oh and one final thing. You might recall the original SNES had two different appearances. North America getting one version and us Europeans the other, along with Japan. I’m happy to say Nintendo will be repeating this for the classic. I always thought our version looked a bit better with that smooth, slightly curved upper surface and coloured buttons.