So they’ve made a Max Payne movie with Mark ‘Marky-Mark’ Wahlberg in it. Hmm.

Sometims laziness can work for you; in this case, having been dimly aware for some time that the film was going to be released, I was going to post something about how it looked like it might actually be alright (based on the trailer).

Inevitably, though, it’s been panned, and even allowing for some slight prejudice against movies based on games from the critics, something tells me they can’t all be wrong.

I think I’ll still go and see it though. At least it’s made some money so we might actually get it in cinemas over here, unlike the dreaded Wing Commander.

The game, in case you didn’t know, is pretty damned good. Come to think of it, the sequel may now be ancient enough to get a review of its own. Watch this space…