So I went and bought a Wii. Actually, I had to buy a TV to go with it too. First game purchased after such an extravagance:

See, I’m a Nintendo fan who’s never actually owned a Nintendo. Or a console of any sort.* Just played on emulators a lot, from NES through to N64. But now I can play the old favourites legally, and also enjoy what’s happening in more recent generations.

Really it’s the core Nintendo lines I’m interested in, ie stuff I can’t already enjoy on PC. Altho if people have any reccomendations, I’m all ears. For now I have Twilight Princess, and after that will be looking into Skyward Sword, and the Metroid Prime series.

The virtual console selection is smaller than I would have guessed – I mean there must have been far more than 60-70 games released for SNES. But that does actually cover plenty of the big names.

Also I got… Wii Fit Plus. No seriously. Stop laughing at the back. I’m actually exercising. (I otherwise jog once a week but that’s it). I don’t need to lose weight, just wish to be in slightly better shape in geneal.

*No home console anyway. I do have a DS, somewhat neglected.