Thief Gold on GoG

The supreme master of stealth gaming finally arrives on Good Old Games. Even better it’s the Gold edition, with has three extra maps and used to be a bit harder to find.

Here’s the quick version of Why thief was awesome:
1: large maps with a high degree of freedom – find your own way around. Try to either evade guards, or knock them out, or fail, run desperately for your life, hide in a shed. Then try again. Hell you can try being an action hero if you want. (it probably won’t work)
2: AI with convincing multiple levels of awareness, from oblivious patrols to actively hunting you
2: art, design and sound lead make it amazingly atmospheric

Here’s why some people thought it went off the rails: the way the maps flick from a more-or-less realistic medieval setup, to sneaking past undead monsters (and some weirdy “spirits of the forest” types). But I think the games survives that change of direction. For one thing it’s still stealthy, and also we got some truly memorable “survive ancient, haunted ruins” type experiences. But if you still really dislike that I’m sure Thief 2 will be along later, which swapped the undead for a more steampunk theme.