Firaxis’ XCOM: Enemy Unknown announced

30-something PC (or former Amiga) gamers around the world are going to a special happy place in their heads, upon hearing this news. I for one fondly miss the days of my team of utter arseholes shooting each other in the back of the head and tripping over their own grenades whilst trying to flush a sectoid out of a farmer’s barn. But seriously, I have high hopes as UFO was one of the strategy classics of its day. Tense turn-based combat, the struggle to stem the tide of alien activity on a global scale, and the race to upgrade X-com from a bunch of hapless n00bs with rifles to something that can fight aliens on a more equal level.

(We do already have the UFO: Aftermath\Aftershock\Aftershave series, but I never really got into it. The first game kicked my ass halfway through and then the second one kept crashing on me. Also the action is realtime.)