So, the new Pro Evolution Soccer is out, and the general consensus seems to be that the series is on the wane.

Apparently, the decline started a couple of years ago with PES 2008, which is odd as it’s the latest one I bought and I’m still playing it now. It’s got one or two problems, and the speed of play is perhaps a bit quicker than I might like, but to me it’s the same solid and enjoyable PES that I’ve come to love over the years.

Of course, if I were to express such an opinion in an internet forum, I would no doubt be accused of being a PES ‘fanboy’, which would in itself provoke frenzied debate as to the relative merits of Konami’s series and close rival FIFA.

Looking at some of the reviews doing the rounds, it appears FIFA now has the edge. Frankly, I find it hard to believe. If that makes me a fanboy, so be it, but I certainly hope I’d be open-minded enough to admit EA’s superiority once I’d played their latest effort.

It’s something that’s not going to happen though, because I play my games on PC these days, and EA doesn’t bother to release their shiny new next-gen FIFA on PC, instead spewing forth a barely-polished port of the PS2 version, which has remained largely the same since 2006.

As if they didn’t give you enough reasons to hate them already. F*ck you EA, I’m keeping my head in the sand and buying the new PES (which, incidentally, is exactly the same on PC as on the consoles).