Hello everybody, and welcome to our newest feature, the FFG journal.

Some time ago now, in a bid to broaden the scope of the site beyond that of a sporadically-updated review site, we decided to include other general articles about gaming. Unfortunately, as regular visitors to the site (if there are any) will have noticed, we haven’t been able to keep up with new content for this section as much as we’d have liked. Aside from a few galleries and our genre history features, some of the other articles generally amount to semi-topical rambling about, er, something or other vaguely related to old games.

Trouble is, once a bit of time has passed, some of these articles don’t seem so relevant (or coherent) as they might have done (at least to the author) when they were written, yet they remain on the site, loitering like a slightly embarrassing relative. And if they ever drift into dementia, sometimes I have to pay Dr. Stoo to kill them off altogether.

Anyway, rather than worrying about whether a thought is worth turning into an article for the site, writing it and then wanting to take it down later, we thought we’d give this a try instead, posting our more disposable gaming thoughts whenever the hell we feel like it.

We’ll be mentioning old games on here, of course, but expect to see posts about newer titles in the world of PC and console gaming, emulation, soundtracks, as well as more general ranting about this and that.

Hope you like it – feedback is always welcome, preferably directly under the post you want to comment on (er, I think that’s how these new-fangled things are supposed to work)…