Hello there! I hope you had a good Christmas and New Year, and whatever else you had planned. All the holiday fun is nearly over, but there’s just enough time for my traditional look back at the last year on FFG. And you thought you’d missed it. [More like, “hoped you weren’t doing it” – FFG Reader]

Actually, there’s been plenty of looking back already this year, with it being our 10 year anniversary and all. Alongside a little self-indulgent navel-gazing, we also had another look at some of the games we’ve covered over the years, in a discussion-review format, which was good fun. In case you missed them, the games in question were Stunts, Puma World Football ’98, Deus Ex and Broken Sword.

Originally we had one or two more, and a couple of other things, planned. But these things all take time, and in the end, we figured that time was better spent working on regular content for the site. Stoo selflessly flung himself into multiple RPGs on behalf of the site, and after several thousand hours (or however long they take to play) produced reviews of Dungeon Siege, Planescape: Torment (our 200th review), Gothic 2 and Titan Quest.

As for me, during the early part of the year I was afflicted by a debilitating addiction to CSI, which naturally led me to Dark Motives (a bit pooey) and 3 Dimensions of Murder (better, but no better than it needed to be). Even Stoo got in on the act, snapping up a copy of Miami for review (and wishing he hadn’t bothered).

Elsewhere, it was the usual story of abandoning planned content in favour of random stuff that just happened to distract me. So there’s still no Gabriel Knight, but we do now have reviews of Rally Trophy and Rugby Challenge 2006.

Guest content came in the form of Jo’s coverage of Theme Hospital and JMan’s review of Starship Troopers. Little did we know that the latter was a prelude to the return of the mighty Just Games Retro, which returned after a brief hiatus with a new look and, as ever, a rate of producing new content that puts the likes of us to shame. Still, apart from making us look bad, it’s great to have them back.

As for FFG, it’s difficult to say what 2012 will bring, but most likely it will be reviews of games at semi-regular intervals throughout the year. It’ll probably involve the usual mix of the very old and the not-quite-so-old: you may have noticed that we’ve started to cover the odd game from the middle of the previous decade, so expect that to continue. Apart from that, it’s best not to commit to specifics – unless of course, you have any requests…