Well, that’s another year (almost) done and dusted. For once I’m not frantically trying to get one last review in before we get into January, so the very least I could do is staple together some half-hearted reminiscences from the previous twelve months, for anyone that might be interested. Don’t worry – they’re FFG-specific, rather than just general thoughts – I won’t be telling you what I think of Glee or anything like that.

Rewind 12 months and though my attempts to finish a review of Mystery of the Druids before the end of 2009 were in vain, it did mean we had a review ready to kick off the new year. The game wasn’t as good as I’d hoped it would be, but I did enjoy the unintentionally hilarious dialogue. Other adventures we covered this year included a couple of more modern efforts – the clunky and dated CSI game, and the more glossy and impressive third instalment of the Broken Sword series.

The Sports and Racing sections received a boost, even if it was largely a case of wading through ageing dross (Lotus: The Ultimate Challenge and FIFA Soccer Manager, for example). On a more positive note, I rediscovered the considerable charms of Formula 1 ’97 and got the chance to include one of my all-time favourite games – Pro Evolution Soccer 4. A nice treat for my 100th review – let’s just not talk about number 99.

Meanwhile, my esteemed colleague was busying himself with a mixture of genuine oldies (such as console favourite Golden Axe and Apogee platformer Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure) and more modern fare like Far Cry. Shooters were most definitely on the menu in 2010, and positive reviews of Blood, Deus Ex: Invisible War and Doom 3, among others, appeared this year.

Finally, with esteemed colleagues at Just Games Retro calling it a day and moving on to other projects, the JMan very kindly donated a review of Star Trek: Captain’s Chair to us. A brief moment of respectful silence for JGR – you will be missed.

So, what will 2011 bring? I imagine it will be a mix of the usual stuff, although there are some reviews I’ve had in mind for a while which I’ve been putting off for too long, so it might be best if I commit to at least one of them in writing. So: Gabriel Knight – this is the year.

Aside from that, well, unless the pace of our content slows dramatically, I imagine we’ll get our 200th review up at some stage in 2011, perhaps around the same time as our 10-year anniversary. We’ve got a few special things in mind to mark these events, but any ideas, suggestions and offers to write glowing tributes would of course be most welcome (I won’t hold my breath though).