Budget games are mostly excellent, right? All kinds of classics from several years ago, that set you back only a modest amount and run decently even on outdated hardware. In fact, they’re as important a part of our archives as the older abandonware generations.

Still, I was reflecting lately on a point Rik once brought up (I think in the “general articles” section that’s been largely superseded by this blog). There’s a few kinds of game out there that I’m often tempted by, but probably shouldn’t spend money on. Like flight sims. Or the Total War series. Beacause I know I’m rubbish at them, won’t get anywhere, will give up in frustration and the game will end up sat on a shelf collecting dust for years.

Now, as long as the game commands £30 I’m safe; a sum that high acts as a shield against rash purchases. But once we’re down to say £10 then the temptation sets in. “Hey, maybe this time I’ll enjoy it and make some progress”. Except, I won’t. And thus £10 is wasted.

So that’s why I’m telling myself absolutely no Need For Speed games until I’ve at least played some demos and satisfied myself I can actually win a race.